Los Jardines de Alfabia representan uno de los enclaves mágicos de la Mallorca más auténtica y genuina. Situados al abrigo de la Serra de Tramuntana, en la ladera sur del Coll de Sóller, conforman un conjunto de excepcional belleza y armonía, cuya visita nos aporta otro punto de descubrimiento y conocimiento de la cultura balear.

The garden and the house of “Alfabia” form an ensemble that has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, with the category of monument.

Pergolas, waterfalls, fountains, stone walls, balustrades, statues, paved paths, ponds, steps and other constructive elements reveal a garden full of details, compositions and unique specimens that make the visit “something” more than a moment of disconnection from the daily routine and of pleasant peace and tranquillity.

Taking advantage of the school holiday at the end of February, we visited it with our children and we attach some photos of the tour because of how interesting and instructive it was for all of us.

In the noble part of the house, today used as a museum, “El llibre de les franqueses” that King Jaume I gave to Mallorca in 1246 and the Gothic chair manufactured in Flanders in 1407, known as “la cadira del rei moro”, are exhibited.

We were particularly struck by the “clasta” or inner courtyard with its immense, centuries-old “Plater” (Platero, Platanus orientalis).

The adjacent facilities connected to this inner courtyard or cloister, such as the chapel, stables and oil mill (an unexpected surprise for our children, who enjoyed our explanations and the recreation of the oil production process) are an added value to the visit to “Alfabia”.

We ended our tour admiring the Almohad coffered ceiling, a piece from 1220, located at the entrance of the house (we had started our visit in the gardens). It was commissioned by Ben-Abet, the Arab Viceroy for whom “Alfabia” was created as a residence.