The Torrent de Pareis is a torrent located in one of the most abrupt parts of the Serra de Tramuntana. Due to its natural conditions and location, it is one of the most spectacular places in the Serra de Tramuntana and the “queen” of excursions-adventure in the mountains of Mallorca. It was declared a Natural Monument by the Balearic Government in 2003. The Conselleria de Medio Ambiente counts the number of people who do the complete route in the summer season (it is only practicable when the water is not running and the pools are almost dry). In 2006 there were more than 3,000 people, of which only 40% were residents, that is to say, about 2,000 people went through it as a holiday activity.


The Torrent de Pareis is a canyon three kilometers long, in which the action of torrential water on the limestone rock and karstic dissolution processes have led to a large fracture tectonic, forming a steep valley fairly straight and with vertical walls 200 meters high. It begins in s’Entreforc, where the Torrent of Lluc or Albarca and the torrent of Gorg Blau converge. They form a basin of 46.5 km2, of which 4.5 km2 correspond to the Torrent de Pareis.

Its special orographic and climatic conditions make it a privileged place for flora with more than 300 species represented, of which about 30 are endemic to the Balearic Islands. The fauna has its greatest exponent in the ferreret, an amphibian endemic to Mallorca, first discovered as a fossil in 1977 and considered extinct, until 1980 when a group of naturalists and biologists found out that it had survived in this most inaccessible area of the Sierra.

The excursion

It is not necessary to be an experienced hiker, but in any case some factors should be taken into account. The route is 5 km long, with an accumulated difference in altitude of 630 m, which makes it necessary to walk between 4 and 5 hours. The descent presents some technical difficulties in its route, accompanied by a considerable physical effort. It is classified as a difficult excursion and, of course, it is necessary to have a sufficiently experienced guide. Practically every year there are incidents and rescues are required.

The classic excursion is the one that starts in Escorca, at km 25.2 of the C-710 road, with the descent of the approach to the torrent. It continues along the bed of the Lluc torrent, going through passes such as s’Entreforc, Gorg des Capellà, Cova des Romegueral, Pas de s’Estaló and Gorg des Degotís. The route ends in Sa Calobra, the natural mouth of the torrent.

For those who just want to walk for a while through a unique place, it may be worth doing the route in reverse, starting from Sa Calobra and reaching the first serious difficulty, approximately one third of the route (1 km) can be done with a slope of 5%. It is a very grateful recommendation for the most adventurous clients of our agritourism.