Every week we have market day in Campos. In fact we have two days. On Thursday, basically for fruit and vegetables, of a more local and familiar character, located in the Plaza de “Sa Creu”. And on Saturday, a more festive day, with a large number of people and a greater tourist attraction and is held in the main street, crossing the whole town from the Plaza de Sa Creu to the Plaza de Es Tres Molins.

The presence of local products, the direct contact with the local people, the possibility of shopping outdoors while strolling through the old town of Campos, the festive atmosphere on Saturday, the immersion in the popular Mallorcan culture that this traditional market represents and the quality gastronomic possibilities (coffees, breakfasts, tapas, snacks,…) offered by the bars and restaurants, make your visit a first class attraction for our clients, who are especially grateful for the recommendation.

It is worth mentioning that the market is only held in the morning, with the stalls being cleared away at around 13:00 hours.

During the morning, all the shops in Campos are open, mainly located in the streets along which the market and flea market take place. These establishments help to create this special atmosphere and also offer us local products and crafts, as well as personalised services adapted to our needs.

Pep Ollers